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Pitchfest Schedule and Format

Preliminary Rounds: Trailblazers Theater, Exhibit Hall, Booth #2805

Tuesday, January 29 1 - 2:15 p.m. and 3 - 4:15 p.m.

In each round, up to 15 participating companies will have three minutes to present. Four companies will be selected to go on to the Pitchfest final! Of the companies presenting in each preliminary round, two from each round will be selected to go on to the Pitchfest final!

Final Round: Trailblazers Theater, Exhibit Hall, Booth #2805

Wednesday, January 30 9:45 - 10:30 a.m.

Each of the four companies in the final round will have five minutes to present and two to three minutes to answer questions from the judges.


A unique panel of judges will be seated for each round, including the final round. Our superintendent, administrator and CIO judges are selected from a broad range of backgrounds in education and/or education technology. Judges’ input will be limited to questions asked of the participants and any comments made after each presentation.

Audience Participation

Each round will include audience voting. The audience vote will count for 30 percent of a participant’s final score and the judges’ votes will count for 70 percent of the final score. The total score earned by each company will determine which six companies will advance to the finals.

Competition Prize Package

One winner will be selected during the final round and will present to the VIP’s (Superintendents, Administrators, CIO’s, etc.) in the FETC VIP Lounge on Wednesday during the VIP Lunch from 12 - 1:30 p.m.

The winning company will also receive a 10’ x 10’ exhibit space at FETC 2020.

How it works

Industry Accelerators supporting Education Technology companies will be invited to nominate/send up to 3 companies to present at Pitchfest. Startups who are exhibiting in the Startup Pavilion or in a booth may apply.

Company selection criteria

  • Must have customers
  • Principals must be working full-time in business
  • Minimally viable salable product
  • Have enough cash to have a viable business

Accelerator criteria

  • Commitment to promote FETC Pitchfest and the conference in a minimum of 10 tweets, blog posts and/or LinkedIn posts
  • Commitment to have selected companies participate as a Startup or take a booth


Notification of Selection:
No later than January 2, 2019

If you qualify, you will be assigned to a preliminary round. Notifications of which round you will be participating in will be sent from FETC. Please note: All travel and related expenses for participation in the Pitchfest are the responsibility of the participating companies. Companies selected for the Pitchfest will receive up to three complimentary Booth Passes for January 27 - 30.

Your Intellectual Property
Competitions of this type sometimes raise concerns about intellectual property rights. Please note that FETC is not able to protect or advise you on your intellectual property rights. FETC cannot and does not take any responsibility for protecting your rights. Also, note that FETC does not require non-disclosure or confidentiality requirements from those involved in the Pitchfest process. Applicants are solely responsible for protecting their intellectual property rights as related to applying and participation.

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