FETC Virtual Conference & Expo Presenters: October 22, 2009

Chris DedeChris Dede  is the Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies at Harvard's Graduate School of Education.  His fields of scholarship include emerging technologies, policy, and leadership. Chris has served on the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Foundations of Educational and Psychological Assessment, the U.S. Department of Education's Expert Panel on Technology, and the Steering Committee for the Second International Technology in Education Study. In 2007, he was honored by Harvard University as an outstanding teacher.

KuglinJohn Kuglin is a technology pioneer and a revolutionary leader in K-16 education. He has testified before the US Senate on learning technologies, was featured on CNN for his innovative uses of technology in education, and served as host for ten technology programs for the Learning Channel. John was identified as one of the Top 25 Education Technology Advocates in the US by District Administrator magazine and was awarded a USA Today Power Teacher designation - one of only ten educators in the country. John is a nationally and internationally known keynote speaker and has been published in numerous magazines including a recent 6-part series in EDTECH Magazine

John has had a full career in education. He is a currently a certified teacher with over 25 years of classroom experience. He served as Senior Director of Technology for McREL, and retired from the University of Montana as an Associate Dean and a UM/NASA grant administrator. For the past three years, John served as CIO for Eagle County Schools in Vail, Colorad. There, after helping to secure a $128 million bond, he rebuilt the technology systems for the entire district as well as designed 21st century learning programs.

Currently, John is acting as a technology consultant to several organizations.  He serves on a select committee for the Entertainment Industries Council (EIC). EIC is non-profit organization which provides information and awareness for major social issues through the entertainment industry‚Äôs products. This year, the committee will help to focus film and television efforts to further public and student awareness for science, engineering, technology and math. John is also a Senior Consultant for Scenewise Inc., a Hollywood based company bridging feature films with standards-based curriculum materials. Additionally, John addresses national conferences and is assisting several districts around the nation with their technology programs.

TedHasselbringTed S. Hasselbring is a Professor of Special Education at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University. Over the past 25 years Ted has conducted research on the use of technology for enhancing learning in students with mild disabilities and those who are at-risk of school failure. Most recently, he has focused his research and development efforts on the role of technology in helping struggling students develop literacy and math skills. He is the author of READ 180, System 44 and FASTT Math.  Ted is a graduate of Indiana University, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree, the Master of Arts in Teaching Degree with a major in Biology, and an Ed.D in Special Education. He has authored more than one hundred articles and book chapters on learning and technology and serves on the editorial boards of several professional journals. Currently, he serves on the advisory boards of FETC and the George Lucas Education Foundation. In his free time Ted enjoys fly fishing, backpacking, and piloting his airplane.

Beyond TextbooksBeyond Textbook" Advocates

  • Nicole Buchheit, a new teacher in Vail who uses Beyond Textbooks to guide her instruction, as well as a source for ideas and materials.
  • Kelly Creasy, an experienced teacher in Vail who uses the system to share her best plans and materials with other teachers.
  • Tom Poirier, a high school social studies teacher in a small, rural district who appreciates the opportunity to exchange ideas and connect with other social studies teachers via Beyond Textbooks.
  • Kevin Carney, a middle school principal who just opened a new middle school and is depending on Beyond Textbooks to help his newly formed staff achieve immediate instructional success.
  • Andrew Chlup, director of Beyond Textbooks, who has been overseeing the development of the system and the expansion to 12 other school districts across Arizona.

More Speakers To Be Announced