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Exhibit Space and Sponsorships, Companies #s, A - K
Stephanie Chiavaras
Phone: 617-784-3577
Email: schiavaras@lrp.com
Exhibit Space, Companies L - Z
Fred Kurst
Phone: 703-393-8304
Email: fkurst@lrp.com
Sponsorships, Companies L - Z
Steve Bevilacqua Steve Bevilacqua
Phone: 561-622-6520
ext. 8655
Email: sbevilacqua@lrp.com

Meeting Room in Convention Center
Only 6 available!
Whether you choose to create your own content and schedule your own sessions for attendees … meet with buyers and prospects away from the noise and distractions of the Expo Hall … or host a reception, breakfast or lunch … a private room in the Convention Center is a fully customizable marketing opportunity. Includes access for 4 days, 1 full-color meter board to display your company’s message, and your company name and room number listed on the conference website.
Session Promotion Add-on $5,000
Bring even more traffic to your meeting room session! With this sponsorship, we'll add your Meeting Room session into the official program, drawing the maximum number of potential customers. Includes one email blast and session promotion on the conference website, Mobile App and in the Show Guide.
Meeting Room on Show Floor
  • 10' x 10' $3,600
  • 10' x 20' $7,200
  • 20' x 20' $14,400
As an exhibiting company, you can reserve one of the private rooms located on the Expo floor to hold individual meetings with clients. Each room contains a table, 6 chairs, a wastebasket and electricity, and will be available for use during Expo hours. Exhibitors with the highest number of priority points will receive first right of refusal.
Sponsored Speaking Opportunities
Deliverables for these opportunities are included below.
Technology Solutions Seminar
Limited to 6 companies!
Showcase your product or service by partnering with your customers who have successfully implemented your technology to transform the learning environment. Your real end-user case study will demonstrate your company's expertise and commitment to providing the most innovative solutions for educators. You provide the speaker and topic. We provide the room; advertise the session on the conference website, Mobile App and in the Show Guide; and create one 22" x 28" sign to advertise the session.
Learning Lab Speaking Opportunity $2,600
Have a new or special product you want to highlight? Conveniently located on the Expo floor, the Learning Lab is the best way to showcase your product by discussing and demonstrating that your company offers the latest technologies and applications for advancing student achievement and improving process management. You provide the speaker and topic and we advertise the session on the conference website, Mobile App and in the Show Guide.
The nation’s largest, independent education technology event focused on leveraging technology to drive preK-12 student success.